Top Online Poker Sites

Online Poker Persists Despite Legal System Failures Č Online poker persisted in spite of the widely announced and since then quashed system failures, according to a database of poker sites statistics.

A poker site failing is not new. Even within the last year two poker sites chosen by myself and my colleagues at Secure Online poker to examine had their appeal rejected by the UK’s National Lottery, an independent public body.

The findings showed that 74% of National Lottery customers would rather play at the two sites than submit to the draw. This goes to show that the draw is little more than a form of advertising for the chosen sites, a way of enticing people in the door.

When youbroke the commission down and compared the figures for those months ended December 31st 2009 and December 25th 2010 you find that nearly 40% more people using those two sites made deposits to poker sites than in the previous year.

When you compare the average deposit per month per poker site as opposed to the previous one, the jump is not much less than almost 10% for the poker sites.

So as you can see from the figures, the market for poker sites is shifting from the conventional brick and mortar casinos to the internet. This is real people desperate to try out their luck just for the chance of winning a few quid. More than luck, sites like P.K.R have engineered a roulette-like game called Rush Poker where they lure you in with the promise of bigger and better prizes the more you play. They even pony up to give away “bonus” money to entice you to play. At least the prize money is not small.

When I first wrote an article listing the top poker sites, one of the suggested that the top ranked site, Titan Poker, might be out of date. I can assure you they are still good, and definitely one of the top poker sites out there.

However, one of the most disheartening aspects of my work is that nearly everyone I talk to about it seems to want to play at as many sites as possible. It’s a desire born out of a desire to have your own piece of the action.

You will note that nearly every reader of this article plays at multiple sites, often three or more. Many play at multiple poker rooms. What this means is that they grew up playing at satellite poker tournaments sponsored by multiple online pokerace99 rooms. Now they are participants at all of those sites. Worse, they are in many cases competing against other players from all of those sites for the same prize money and the same tournaments.

It appears that from a marketing point of view the answer to the question “Which Top 3 Poker Sites Should I Play At?” is a big fat “Always.” Keep in mind that the top sites are almost exclusively home to the big time players. The smaller sites therefore need to attract players from a wide variety of locations. The obvious way to do that is to draw in players from the relatively small sites, and offer them a steady flow of new eager players.

However, the idea seems to be that you need to make a choice between the competing sites. Personally, I think this is a bit of a mistake. You need to look at the features each site offer, the types of games available, the selection of players available, the speed of the game, the cost of playing, the quality of the software, and perhaps most importantly, the quality of the customer support. The ideal customer would be a satisfied, quality-test’d player. Unfortunately, many “experts” have a lot to say about the various aspects of the game.

Many of the Top sites offer SNG tournaments. These allow you to enter a tournament with a group of players no wiser of you, and play against them in a face to face game. I am always impressed with such features. One would imagine that such tournaments would be heavily advertised, but you would be surprised if I am not disappointed. Some of the Top sites offer games other than Poker. Such games might include stage sports, live entertainment, and other casino games.

You will also find a wide variety of game types available from the Top sites. From multiple table tournaments to local neighborhood tournaments, you will find that the Top sites offer all manner of games.

If you can’t decide which site to set up at, ask your friends what they think. I am sure that you will get a dozen offers. There is always something fun on Craps, or theropod, or on live entertainment. Most of the Top sites are quite fun, and offer the kinds of prizes you will find in Las Vegas.

You might not find all of this in Vegas, but you will be able to affordably play at many of these Top online gambling sites.